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Accelerated Artistic Development (Watch Video Full Free) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 18 February 2011

 This is the entired video from DVD and is completely free to watch!

Please support future educational programs by purchasing the DVD  ( Here )

Or Order From   ( Here )   

Kurt Nielsen teaches his "Audio-To-Visual Transcribing" technique for anyone interested in the arts or for people that want to SEE what they have been listening to all their life! This experience was first to the volunteers. In the video only were given approximately 35 minutes for each music pattern to work with!  With my own years of experience I use one music pattern until the picture is done which is usually 8 hours up to several months. There is much music to explore and ultimately uncover their secrets.. Many people use music as an inspiration for their work.. this technique  requires that you don't use your imagination or copy -the complete process with tips is shared in the full video.

The DVD is entitled  "Accelerated Artistic Development Program -Audio-To-Visual Transcribing"

*An artist's secret
*An amazing experiment -Six volunteers listened to the same music for 35 min approx. They weren't allowed to see each others art. Later they began to draw the same things in approximately the same areas!
Share​ with your friends,​ the secrecy of music & art is about​ to burst​! What type of image​s are hidden within the music​ you listen​ to?

This technique may be the world's first easy to prove channeling technique that anyone can test and see for themselves.

There are no spirits channeled utilizing this method :) You on a daily basis channel information around you & are interpreted/channeled with your senses; touch, eyes, hear etc to make sense of the information. Brain activity with music can be seen under an MRI note for note. As you listen to music you may often see visions/images & yes even the common representation of God or evil or neither. Music is infinite so are the images within. Musicians take in experiences often not realizing the outcome some do with special purpose for good or bad -which may be a reason of concern -what images are in the music you listen to?

To help continue the work of Ascension Series/ Kurt Nielsen -you may make a contribution of any amount  and is greatly appreciated.  You may send any amount via online banking (email money transfer) or Paypal  to  Ascension Series ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )  or purchase the DVD as a gift for friends, family and also people you have not yet befriended!

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 March 2011 )
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